The International symposium was held on Wednesday, 14 March 2012.
The symposium was attended by 254 people and the hall was filled to capacity.
There shows some photos below.


Staff meeting

Staff meeting
Staff meeting

Invited speakers prepare and talk friendly waiting for session start.

Waiting invited speakers

Registration started

Visitors registration

Handing on a translation receiver

Translation receiver

Opening Remarks

Chairperson:Kanayama (AIST)

0077 Chair Kanayama

Nomakuchi (President, AIST)

0110 Nomakuchi

Session 1: Keynote

Invited Speaker:Sakurai (Univ. Tokyo)

0160 Sakurai

Invited Speaker:Yablonovitch (UC Berkeley)


Chairperson:Kanayama AIST)

0115 Chair Kanyama

Receiving enthusiastic comments from hall audiences

0158 Audience
0205 Audience
0225 Audience

Session 2: Progress Report

Chairperson:Iwata (AIST)

0267 Chair Iwata

Hall buried with audiences

0255 Audience

Speaker:Yokoyama (GNC,AIST)

0258 Yokoyama

Speaker:Yokoyama (GNC,AIST)

0272 Yokoyama
0240 Yokoyama

Poster Session

Spacious hall was filled with so many participants, and enthusiastic arguments were going on.

0333 Poster Session
0339 Poster Session
0341 Poster Session
0345 Poster Session
0349 Poster Session
0356 Poster Session
0376 Poster Session
0383 Poster Session
0384 Poster Session
0385 Poster Session
0389 Poster Session
0393 Poster Session

Session 3:Low Voltage CMOS

Chairperson:Zaima (Nagoya Univ.)

0404 Chair Zaima
0463 Chair Zaima

Invited Speaker:Hashemi (IBM, USA)

0440 Hashemi

Speaker:Tezuka (GNC,AIST)

0448 Tezuka

Speaker:Ota (GNC,AIST)

0469 Ota

Receiving enthusiastic comments from hall audiences.

0488 Audience
0428 Audience
0438 Audience

Session 4: Nanocarbon Material

Chair Toriumi (Univ.Tokyo)

0492 Chair Toriumi
0494 Chair Toriumi

Invited Speaker:Rueckes (Nantero, USA)

0504 Rueckes

Speaker:Hata (GNC,AIST)

0548 Hata

Speaker:Sato (GNC,AIST)

0576 Sato

Speaker:Nihei (GNC,AIST)

0585 Nihei

Receiving enthusiastic comments from hall audiences.

0507 Audience
0578 Audience
0600 Audience

Coffee break

Vigorous discussions were continuing during the coffee break.

0617 Coffee break
0619 Coffee break
0621 Coffee break
0626 Coffee break

Session 5: Backend Devices

Chairperson:Takeuchi (Univ. Tokyo)

0628 Chair Takeuchi
Chair Takeuchi

Invited Speaker:Lavizzari (Micron, Italy)

0659 Lavizzari

Speaker:Tominaga (GNC, AIST)

0690 Tominaga

Speaker:Shintani (GNC, AIST)

0720 Shintani

Receiving enthusiastic comments from hall audiences.

0661 Audience
0724 Audience

Session 6: Panel Discussion

Following the Introductry talk of invited speaker Prof. Kimoto (Kyoto Univ),
the panel discussion was run including two Keynote speakers and Dr. Yokoyama (GNC Leader).

Kimoto (Kyoto Univ.)

0734 Kimoto

Yablonovitch (UC Berkeley)

0815l Yablonovitch

Sakurai (Univ. Tokyo)

0785l Sakurai

All Panelists

All Panelists

Many opinions and views were given by the panelists as well as the participants from the floor.

0868 Audience
0804 four panelist
0874 Audience
0903s All panelist

Moderator:Kanayama (AIST)

0781 Moderator Kanayama
0821 right two panelist
0893 Audience
0831s left two panelist
0905 Audience