GNC's R&D is directing at LSI lower power consumption focusing on the following three sub themes; that are (1) Low voltage operation CMOS, (2) development and application of nano-carbon materials, and (3) back-end device.

See GNC's website for more detailed research works.

This symposium will feature on research presentation by the GNC's researchers of each sub theme, and also speeches of the front-line experts in their field.

(1) Low-voltage operation CMOS

Dr. Pouya Hashemi, who reports multitudes of research result on Ge channel transistors.

(2) Nanocarbon material's development and application

Dr. Thomas Rueckes, the fonder of the Nantero - a venture company of nanocarbon materials.

(3) Back-end device

Dr. Simone Lavizzari, Micron Italy, a leading researcher of phase-change device.

At the symposium, the following two speakers will give the keynote lecture. Also, Dr. Kimoto, a professor of Kyoto University and core researcher of FIRST program like GNC, will join the panel discussion, in which we discuss the issues of system and desirable future direction of "Green Nano-electronics".

Key-note lecture & Panel discussion

Prof. Takayasu Sakurai, IIS, Univ. of Tokyo
Prof. Eli Yablonovitch, Director, E³S/UC Berkeley

We will offer the poster session in which about 30 research outcomes of commissioned and collaborative works are exhibit, in addition to GNC's research activities.

Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese - English) will be provided for the lectures and panel discussion. Why don't you join our discussion!

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